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South India Religious Tour Package

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Tour Details

The holiday destinations in South India always allure you for its uniqueness and diversified topography. It ranges from barren lands to agricultural fields, river or waterfalls to oceans, and pilgrimage sites to archaeological sites. It is a peninsula covered by water bodies in three sides. The vibe of natural beauty will make you enchanted. The tourists are attracted to this beautiful landscape for its abundance of natural beauty. The tourists can face severe linguistic problems but you will feel the warmth of the people around you. The cultural diversities along with geographical aspects will attract you the most. Madurai RameshwaramKanyakumari Tour is one of the most celebrated packages among tourists all across the world. India is a land enriched with mythological stories. The tourists travel to these sites in search of mythology and its significance.

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Attractions and Events Covered in the Tour package:

Madurai: Meenakshi Temple, Ayirankal mandapam, Samanar hills, Mariamman Theppakulam temple tank, Koodal Azhagar temple, Thiruparankundram murugan temple, pazhamudir solai, Gandhi museum

Rameshwaram: Ramanathaswamy temple, Gandhamathana parvatham, Dhanushkodi, Rama Sethu or the Adam’s bridge, Pamban Railway Bridge.

Kanayakuamri: Kuamri Sahakthi peeth, Vivekananda rock memorial, Gandhi memorial, Our Lady of Ransom church, Padmanabhapuram palace, Sunrise and Sunset point

Destinations in this package:

Madurai: Madurai is the third largest city in Tamil Nadu, and is a place where the heritage enthusiasts flock. This is one of the cities, which has been populated continuously over the centuries, and called Athens of East, because myth and life meets this city. It is originally named as Madhurapuram because the drops of honey fell here from the locks of Lord Shiva. While Meenakshi Amman temple is the chief attraction, you can also enjoy a lot more here. Regarded as the city never sleeps, the city meets the title exactly, as it is busy throughout the day. Even if you want wander the streets during the nights, you can still find the hot idlis available in the streets of Madurai. You can find October to March the best time to visit Madurai, and it is better to stay away during the hot summer months. Again July to August is not advisable to visit Madurai as the city gets heavy rainfall during this season.

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 Rameshwaram: As per Hindu mythology, the religious activities and the pilgrimage are not complete without a visit to Rameshwaram temple and a ritual bath in Dhanushkodi, at least once in a life time. The city has 64 water bodies, called the theerthas. Taking bath in these waters is equivalent to a penance. You can visit the place between October and April. Reaching Dhanushkodi from Rameshwaram is easy and faster. However, this mystic island is not recommended to stay overnight. Performing the last rituals for the ancestors is considered very special over here, and this is where you can find the Rama’s Sethu or the bridge of Rama.

Kanyakumari: This city has been into existence for over thousands of years, and it is the reason why this city has great mixture of heritage, tradition and history, and is regarded one of the exotic tourist locations in India. This city serves as the hub of civilizations and rich in arts, economy and culture. This city has a mixture of all religions, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. The arts and spiritual centers of all these religions can help you explore them. The city is also famous for the spectacular sunrise and sunset.

Attractions Covered:


Meenakshi Temple: this is one of the famous temples of South India which is constructed over 6 hectares of land. God Shiva and Goddess Parvati are the presiding deities, and they attract more than thousand tourists per day. The temple tower has a detailed inscription of the Gods, the history and other mythological figures.

Ayirnakal Mandapam: this is a hall with 985 pillars, and hence known has Aayiram Kal, Aayiram meaning 1000, Kal meaning pillar. This is the Temple art museum, which is the home of exotic collection of images, photos which depict the history of thousands of years of Madurai.

Samanar Hills: The caves built around 1 AD are located 10 KM from Meenakshi Amman temple, contain the Jain carvings and sculptures. Located on the hill top, this is the place where you get the magnificent view of Madurai. The natural fountain of Pechchi Pallam lets you enjoy time in solitude.  

Koodal Azhagar Temple: this is another ancient temple located close to the city and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu Thiruparankundram Murugan Temple: one of the six abodes of Lord Muruga, this is the place where Lord Muruga married Devasena. The classic literatures call this place South Himalaya, and there is also an Islamic shrine located here.  chennai-rameswaram-madurai tour package | madurai pakage tour rameswaram-kanyakumari-kodaikanal-madurai with rate | madurai rameshwaram kanyakumari distance | madurai rameshwaram kanyakumari tour package from Madurai | madurai rameshwaram kanyakumari distance | madurai rameshwaram kanyakumari tour package | trip to madurai rameshwaram kanyakumari

Pazhamudhir Solai: this is yet another abode of Lord Muruga, and located on the hill top. The marble and the wood sculptures are unique. Gandhi museum: If you want to discover about Mahatma Gandhi, then this is the place for you.

Rameshwaram:  Ramanatha temple was built during the 12 century by the Pandya dynasty. It has the longest corridor of all the Hindu temples. There are 22 wells in this temple, which are believed to have medicinal properties. The outer corridor has 1212 pillars, and of 30 feet high.  This temple is also one of the char Dams, which are the holiest of the temples, and is important to visit for any Hindu. Jyotirlinga is the supreme partless entity, and this is where Lord Shiva partly appears. There are 12 Jyotirlinga temples across India and one of them is Ramanatha Swamy temple.

Ganthamadha Parvatham: This is located on the hillock on island 66, where feet of Lord Rama is found. Dhanushkodi: Kothanda Rama temple of Dhanushkodi stood intact even though the entire island was destroyed in the year of 1964. Lord Rama is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and he was fighting again the demon Ravana, and Dhansuhkodi is the place where Vibhishna a brother of Ravana surrendered to Lord Rama and joined hands with the divine power. This is the place where the Ramar Sethu starts.

Rama Bridge aka Ramar Sethu: This was the connection between India and SriLanka. According to the legend, Lord Rama to reach Sri Lanka had built the bridge using stones, and which float because of the divine intervention. It was above sea level until the cyclone broke it off in 1480 AD.

Pamban Bridge: This is the bridge that connects Pamban mainland to India, and this is a road bridge and a cantilever railway bridge.  Kanyakumari  Kumari Amman Shakthi peeth: the shrine of the virgin goddess Parvati is the major tourist attraction. It is said that the diamond nose ring of the goddess can be seen even from the sea.

Vivekananda rock memorial: The Sri padhaparai, which is said to have the foot prints of Goddess Kanaya Kumari and this, is where Saint Vivekananda mediated for 3 days, and here is a meditation hall available for the tourists.

Our Lady of Ransom Church: this church dedicated to Mother Mary is a beautiful church, and she is clad in a saree. The exteriors are elegant and stunning, while the interior is simple. Padmanabhapuram Palace: this lies between the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and maintained by the government of Kerala. Sunrise and Sunset Point: this is the point where you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at Madurai

After arriving at the airport or railway station our driver will drop you at the hotel. You will get a detailed briefing of the itinerary. In the evening you will visit the Meenakshi Temple. The soothing sound of the temple bells will make it fascinating. Stay overnight in Madurai.

Day 2: Trip to Kodaikanal

After relishing authentic breakfast you will be driving to Kodaikanal. This place is famous among the tourists for its natural beauty. The fascinating view of the mountains will make you fascinated with the land. The wooden trees, slopes, rocks, slopes, and creeks will give you fascinating visual pleasure.

Day 3: Kodaikanal sightseeing

After breakfast, today you will be enjoying the beautiful sights of Kodaikanal. You can walk along the steep slopes of Coakers. The best views you can achieve while going to the valley. You can also visit the beautiful Vagai dam. You can also indulge in boating in the lake in Kodai. Another magical sight is the beautiful pillar rocks. If you are going in the spring then you can see beautiful flowers along with the view of the silent valley. You can also see the panoramic view of Berijam Lake. The Silver Cascade falls is the most important one to visit. Stay overnight in Kodaikanal.

Day 4: Kodaikanal to Rameshwaram

Today you will be driving to Rameshwaram. After arriving in the hotel you will be visiting Rameshwaram. Firstly you will visit  Ramanatha swamy temple then Adam’s bridge, Ramjharoka temple, Agnitheertham, and Dhanushkodi. Stay overnight in Rameshwaram.

Day 5: Rameshwaram to Kanyakumari

After taking breakfast you will be driving to Kanyakumari. After arriving there you will be going for sightseeing. This beautiful place is located on the southernmost part of India. Swami Vivekananda spent days here for meditation. Next, you will be visiting Kanyakumari Temple, Vivekananda Rock, TriveniSangam, Gandhidham, and Suchithram temple. The beautiful view of the ocean from this place will delight your sight. Stay overnight in Kanyakumari.

Day 6: Kanyakumari to Madurai

Today after breakfast you will be traveling to Madurai. At first, you will be visiting ThirumalaiNayak Palace then Gandhi Museum, AlagorKoil and lastly ThirupparankundramTemple. In the evening you can enjoy the cool breeze of the sea beach.

Day 7: Departure

After taking breakfast, our driver will drop you at your drop location as per your time schedule in train and flight.



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