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Kolayat Fair

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Type: Cultural

Location: Bikaner

On visiting Rajasthan, you will come across a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. The various world class hotels are a perfect example of modern luxury whereas the historical tourist spots will reflect the rich history of the place. There are also a number of places in Rajasthan that boasts great natural beauty. This helps in delivering a unique touring experience. The rich culture of the place is also a major draw for tourists from different parts of the world. You can get the true flavor of this rich culture by visiting the various fairs and festivals of Rajasthan. The popularity of these fairs and festivals has increased so much that Rajasthan Tour are regarded as incomplete. Each of these fairs and festivals are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. That actually reflects from each of those festivals and makes them very attractive to tourists. The Kolayat Fair is one of the most famous festivals of Rajasthan. It is held in Kolayat, Bikaner and manages to draw a large number of visitors from different parts of the world.

About Kolayat Fair

The Kolayat Fair of Bikaner has a great importance in the life of the people of Bikaner. They eagerly wait for this fair throughout the year. Tourists also experience a great time as the fair is celebrated on an expansive scale. The fair is also known as ‘Kapil Muni Fair’. The pomp and show of the fair is not the only attraction. It also has a great religious significance. A large number of devotees also visit the fair to take a holy dip in the Kolayat Lake. It is believed that a holy dip can provide them respite from all the sins they have done.

The historical significance of the fair also lures a large number of tourists. As history says, the place of Kolayat is also regarded as Kapilayatan. Moreover, these names are also found in the holy scriptures of Puranas.

Attractions of Kolayat Fair in Bikaner

However, if you are visiting the fair without any such interest in its historical as well as religious significance, then also a visit to the fair will be a great experience. During the Kolayat Fair all the 52 ghats are beautifully decorated. Attractive lights impart a great look to these ghats. On visiting the fair, you will also be able to witness the various rituals performed by the devotees. These devotees also offer prayers along with sweetmeats, milk pudding and sugar drops to the deity.

There are a number of other features of Kolayat Fair that impart a lot of attractiveness to the fair. The Kolayat Fair Bikaner boasts a mesmerizing view when all the devotees gather at a common point and leave oil lamps to float in the calm waters of the lake. It will be a great sight for the tourists to see hundreds of lighted lamps floating in the water of the lake.

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