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Kajli Teej Festival

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Rajasthan is a vivid destination for tourists and never complete with the one time visit and attract people again and again. The variety of tourist attractions ranges from places with awesome scenic beauty to place with a lot of historical significance. There are also a number of religious places in Rajasthan that also attracts a large number of devotees. The fairs and festivals of Rajasthan have also gained a lot of popularity among tourists. These fairs and festivals are the right places to visit in order to have a detailed look of the rich culture and tradition of Rajasthan. Some of the fairs and festivals also have a religious significance. These helps in adding a lot of variety to Rajasthan Tour. The Kajli Teej festival is one of the most popular festivals in Rajasthan. Though the festival is celebrated in various parts of Rajasthan but Kalji Teej festival of Bundi is most attractive.


Attractions of Kalji Teej festival of Bundi


Kalji Teej festival has lot of attractive interest and vivid spiritual association. It is almost a month long event beginning with the monsoon season of July and ending in August. Bundi’s Kalji Teej is different from other parts of Rajasthan as the other places celebrate it on the third day of the month of Shravana. On the contrary, Bundi celebrates it on the third day of Bhadra.


Kajli Teej festival of Bundi also includes a number of other traditions and practices. The distinct and huge procession extending prayers to goddess Teej is an integral part of the festival. This procession travels through various parts of Bundi. It passes by the main bazaars and ultimately stops at Azad Park. It is an enchanting experience for tourists to enjoy and see this procession since it include performing artists, elephants, camels and performing bands. A large number of people also take part in the procession. Their enthusiasm for the festival is clearly reflected from their happy and joyful mood all around. The common dress themselves in colorful and traditional cloths.


The festival of Kajli Teej also holds great significance for the married couples. According to the belief, the festival strengthens the ties between the married couples where wife pray for their husbands and do fasting for the family health and positive growth. The whole of Bundi is decorated very differently altogether during this event. Variety of foods, entertainment options for kids along with a number of cultural programs provide a great time to the people of Bundi as well as tourists visiting the place during that time. The cultural programs are very popular among visitors as they reflect the rich culture of the place. These cultural programs are mainly organized during the evening. These programs feature performances by local artists. These artists are mostly from the Hadoti region. Though the main function is for 2 days but the festival continues till Janmashtami.


There are a number of tours available. Most of these tours have included a visit to Kajli Teej due to its rising popularity. This provides you a lot of options. You can choose the tour according to your preference. The tour will be of great value as it will not only allow you to enjoy the scenic beauty of Bundi but will also allow getting a close look of the culture of the place. Hence, plan your tour during the time of this event. It will surely be a great experience.


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