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Chardham with Mathura Agra Tour 2024

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Summer Chardham


Summer Chardham Schedule of 2024 gates/kapat open for six months. The Opening schedule is from April and May until October. The dates, however, are declared by the Char Dham committee people along with Kedarnath Badrinath Mandir Samiti, right before the Akshaya Tritiya. Also known as Akha Teej, Akshaya Tritiya is an Auspicious for the Hindu community.


Chardham Yatra Dates 2024


May 17, 26
June 15, 22
July 15
August 13, 18
September 11, 21





Mathura is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. You will find a long line of picturesque ghats here. Their steps lead to the edge of the water. There are also domed gateways and temple spires that lengthen along the right bank of the river Yamuna. This emphasizes the sacred character of the Mathura town.


This is the most well-known and the most complex of Lord Vishnu's manifestationsMathura today is considered to be quite an important pilgrimage site. The city stretches along the right bank of the river Yamuna and the continuous line of ghats along the river.



This makes it a most splendid spectacle when you view it from the opposite bank. The city of Mathura is in Uttar Pradesh and this is considered to be the nucleus Brijbhoomi is located at a distance of 145 kms southeast of Delhi and 58 km North West of Agra.


Prepare yourself for the journey to moksha? Already looking for Char Dham Packages? Then this is the perfect time for you to check out some important travel tips related to Char Dham.


Chardham Uttrakhand Tour to complete spiritual enlightenment is mix of strain and comfort. The Yatra is carried out with challenging treks, rugged terrain and unpredictable weather. However, the right planning and travel tips can make this trip a cakewalk. Earlier when the Char Dham Yatra was conducted, people used to rarely be able to make it and even if they did make it usually they assumed they would not go back. However, with the changing times and the introduction of technology and new modes of transportation, Char Dham Yatra has now become more comfortable and more doable .


As these locations have high elevation of the temples of Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri, it is important to be well prepared. Kindly refer our travel tips for Char Dham Yatra to make it more comfortable for the pilgrims:


Things to Carry for Char Dham Yatra - Travel Tips


Season :- May to October till Deepawali every year - Region :- Garhwal, Uttarakhand - Altitude : 3585 Mts

Things to Carry :- Woolen Cap, Umbrella, Stick, Tennis Shoes, Rain Coat, Two pair of Socks, Handy Torch, Moisture cream.

These are very cold places so people should get the warm clothes along with them.


Travel Tips for Char Dham Yatra :-


Photography :- Still cameras, home video cameras are allowed in Himalayas but only inside the temple are normally not allowed. However please do check with the authorities concerned.


Communication :- Please carry if you have any BSNL Mob. Number, it works whole trip, Kedarnath & Badrinath very good connectivity Reliance mobile numbers.  Some times, please be informed that it may be difficult at times to get the connection. If any urgent messages have to be sent to any of the participants, then please contact us.


Responsibility :- All arrangements within Chardham Yatra, reserves the right to change itineraries without prior notice, depending on the weather and road condition.


Fitness :- A good walk on hilly areas will help you reduce some weight and should put you in the right shape. Porters will be carrying the bulk of your equipment, but it is recommended that you bring a good day pack and are fit enough to carry snacks, filled water bottle/small scissors and knife, waterproof matches, safety pins, Thermometer, Lighter, Dehydration salt (electoral) packets, Neoprene Powder and cream. Heat balm for muscles/joints, Vicksinhaler/vapourub, Chopsticks. Dry Fruits/snacks, camera, Film, Map, Jumper, Sun Hat, First Aid Kit, Light weight Rain Gear, Extra Cloth etc.


Attitude Sickness :- This is an environment related condition that can effect anyone who ascends too rapidly to high elevations without acclimatizing properly and also consult your doctor


Health Consideration :- All Tourist We do ask you to bring along your own small first aid kit (available at Pharmacies). Some of the items we ask you to bring in the kit are: Antiseptic cream or Wound disinfectant: Iodine and tube-squeeze cream. Foot care and Blister Treatment, band-aids, adhesive roll & strips, gauze pads, moleskin. (please bring ankle high boots to avoid muscle sprain.)


Antibiotics: (Triethoprim / Sulfamethoxazole - Bacterium DS or Septran DS


Anti - Inflammatory :-


· Avil, Brufen or Mortin. Aspirin / Tylenol or general painkillers.

· Strong sunscreen oil, skin antibiotic cream.


Insurance :- We recommend that you insure yourself against sickness, EMERGENCY RESCUE, accident hospitalization, etc.. We are not liable and responsible for any damages or extra expenses that may arise from mishaps and the loss of their belongings during the pilgrimage.


Clothing's :- Clothing’s for both extremes of climate and temperature. While driving to Chardham Yatra, it will be warm inside the vehicle and light clothing will be required, but as soon as you step out of the vehicle, warm clothing will be required to keep off the cold winds of the Himalayas. Evening will be generally cold and warm clothing will be required We recommend that you bring along the following clothing’s and accessories with you:


01. Down Jacket - one

02. Warm thick pullover - One

03. Warm thin pullover - One

04. Warm pants - Two

05. Light loose cotton pants - Two

06. Warm windproof jacket - One

07. Cotton full sleeve T-Shirts - Four

08. Thermal under pants/long - Two

09. Thermal vest / warm full T-Shirts - Two

10. Rain coat with hood/ Poncho (should be roomy) - One

11. "Broken - in" pair of ankle high walking boots & one extra shoe laces.

12. Light tennis shoes & light rubber sandal.

13. Warm woollen socks-4

15. Large cotton or silk scarf-One

16. Warm gloves.

17. Soft paper tissue and handkerchiefs - Plenty

18. Monkey cap and Sun heat - one each

19. Towels (one big, one small)

20. Washing kit.


Accessories :-


1.  Personal First Aid Kit

2.  Toilet kit, Nail Clipper, Scissors

3.  Flash Light with extra batteries (3 Set)

4.  Sun Glasses, Sun Hat, Monkey Cap, Woollen Gloves

5.  Water bottles- unbreakable (Min 1 litters capacity) can be purchased in Haridwar

6.  Note book, Pen, Pencils

7.  Camera and film and extra batteries for electronic camera

8.  Binoculars recommended

9.  Rain Gear-Your raincoat should be roomy and have a water proof hood.

10. Pocket knife , Sewing kit, Buttons, Cigarette lighter, towel, bags ( a few of each size strong) dust masks, strong sun cream and chopstick, Moisturizers, Money pouch/belts etc.

11. Water purification tablets

12. Walking stick- Can be purchased in Gourikund/Hanumanchatti

13. Washing Kit

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 : Delhi – Haridwar


The distance between Delhi and Haridwar is 230 kms and the distance to travel between these two places is 6 hours. You will first have to reach the Delhi railway station. Then later you will drive to Haridwar and will be put up in a hotel. You will then have to visit Har-ki-Pauri for Ganga aarti in the evening. After that you will return to the hotel, have dinner and have a night's stay.


Day 2 : Haridwar - Barkot


You will have breakfast and then drive to Barkot via Dehradun and Missouri. Visit the famous Kempty Fall. Then drive back to your hotel and stay there for a night. The distance between these two places is 240 kms and the traveling time is 7 hours.


Day 3 : Barkot - Yamunotri – Barkot


You will have to travel a distance of 15 kms and then trek for about 6 km. You will first have to drive to Phool chatti and then start trekking from here to go to Yamunotri, which is situated at a distance of 7 kms. You will either ride on a horse or by Dolli.


Here you can offer puja to Divya Shila. You can take a bath in Jamunabai Kund's warm water. You will also be able to have a darshan of the pure Yamunaj and then return to hanumanchatti. Then finally you will have to drive back to Barkot and stay in a hotel.


The distance between these 2 places is 130 km and the time taken to travel is around 4 hours. You will first have to drive to Uttarkashi via Barkot.  On the way, you will visit Vishwanath Temple.  You will check into a hotel for a night's stay.


Day 5 : Uttarkashi - Gangotri - Uttarkashi


The distance between these 2 places is 100 kms and it takes around 3 hours to travel between these 2 places. We proceed to Gangotri and enjoy the charming Harsil village, Bhagirathi River, and the most superb view of the Himalayas. Once you have completed the Gangotri Darshan you will return to Uttarkashi and spend a night there.


Day 6 : Uttarkashi - Guptkashi


The distance between these 2 places is 175 kms and this is a 6-hour journey. Early morning, you will drive to Guptkashi and visit Tehri Dam. Stay in a hotel for a night's halt.


Day 7 : Guptkashi – Gaurikund (By Drive) trek to Kedarnath (16 kms)


The distance between these 2 places is 30 km by road and 16 km by Trek. You will drive to  Gaurikund in the morning and then start trekking from Gaurikund to Kedarnath on foot or on pony / Doli.  Then check in the hotel. Later visit Kedarnath Temple for a night halt. 


*** Stay without meals In basic dharmshala 


Day 8 : Kedarnath – Gaurikund (By Trek 14 kms) & Guptkashi (By Drive 30 kms)


The distance between these 2 places is 14 km and a 1-hour journey by road. You start early in the morning, after Temple Darshan. Then trek down to Gaurikund. Later you will have to, drive to Guptkashi. You will spend a night in a hotel in Guptkashi.


Day 9 : Guptkashi - Badrinath


The distance between these 2 places is 185 km and the time taken to travel is 7 hours. You will drive to Badrinath via Joshimath. Then check in the hotel. Then later during the evening visit Badrinath Temple for Aarti. Then stay overnight.


Day 10 : Badrinath - Rudraprayag


You will take around 7 hours to travel between these 2 places which cover a distance of 165 km. Early in the morning, pilgrims have a bath in the Taptkund and then have a Darshan of Badri Vishal. Brahamakamal is noteworthy for Pinddan Shraddh of ancestors.


There are other interesting sightseeing spots like Mana Village, Vyas Gufa, Mata Murti Temple, Charanpaduka, Bhimkund, and the "Mukh" of the Saraswati River within the three km of Badrinathji. Then you will drive back to Rudraprayag. Stay in a hotel. Overnight stay at Rudraprayag.


Day 11 : Rudraprayag - Haridwar


The distance between these 2 places is also 165 km and the time taken to cover this distance is 7 hours.  You start early morning and visit the Rudraprayag river conference and after that visit Rishikesh. After that drive back to Haridwar. Spend a night in a hotel.


Day 12 : Haridwar - Mathura (360 kms / 8 hrs)


The distance is 360 kms and you will take 8 hours to complete the journey. Early morning, you will have to be ready for a long drive to Mathura.  Then check in a hotel. Stay a night there.


Day 13 : Mathura – Virndavan - Mathura


In the morning after a relaxed breakfast, spend a full day in Mathura and Vrindavan and then return to your hotel for a night's stay.


Day 14 : Mathura - Agra 


The distance between Mathura and Agra is 50 km.  It will start in the morning after breakfast. Then drive to Agra and after that visit Red fort and then visit Taj Mahal and spend a night there. You will have to spend a night in a hotel.


Day 15 : Agra - Delhi (225 kms / 4 hrs)


The distance between Agra and Delhi is 225 kms and you will take 4 hours to travel between these 2 places. You will start in the morning after breakfast and then drive back to Delhi. On arrival you will have to go to the Delhi airport or the railway station.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When is the Char Dham Yatra started?


A. The Kapat or the door of the Chardham temple opens on the day of Akshay Tritiya and the yatra for Chota Char Dham starts. From the month of April till October the door remains open. The door of the temple shuts again at the onset of the Diwali festival and the Doli of God and Goddess is shifted downward for the winter season. So the best time to visit the temple is from April to May, and from September to October. During July & August, the temple remains open but due to the rainy season, frequent landslides occur which makes travel difficult.


Q.  How can I book my Chardham Yatra Package with Travel Ride?


A. Going on the Chardham yatra on your own can give you a lot of problems and hassles during the trip. If you book your Chardham yatra packages through us then we offer you various choices of the hotel within your budget and will also give a hassle-free trip as we have become used to all the problems that may arise during the trip and how to tackle these problems.


Q. What is the best time to visit Chardham Yatra?


A. The opening month is April to May and from September to October is the best time to go on the Chardham yatra. It is advised not to go to Chardham yatra during the monsoon months that is June and July because during this time frequent landslides occur which makes travel really difficult.


Q. How many days does it take to complete the Chardham Yatra?


A. The complete Chardham yatra can be done in the time span of 11 to 12 days. If you are having some extra time then you can also explore some attractions located in the proximity such as Gaumukh,  Auli, Tapovan, Bhairavnath Temple, Along the valley, Vasuki Tal, Hemkund Sahib, and Chopta. The Chardham yatra can be commenced either from Haridwar, Rishikesh, or Delhi as per the convenience of devotees.


Q. In which month does the Chardham Yatra end?


A. The Holy Pilgrimage tour of Chardham Yatra ends during the month of October when the doors of all four Dhams close one by one. Kedarnath and Yamunotri Dhams close on the occasion of Bhai Dooj/Dwitiya, other than this the doors of Gangotri Dham closes on the occasion of Diwali. Lastly, the doors of the Badrinath temple close on the occasion of Vijay Dashami. All the Holy Dhams remain closed throughout the winter season as the area gets under the thick sheet of snow and weather conditions become a bit unfavorable.




  • - Neat, clean, hygienic accommodation on Double Sharing as per your preferences.
  • - All Breakfast & Dinner (A mix of north, & south Indian menu). (Meals program according to package Selections)
  • - Surface transportation by Xylo, Innova, Tempo Traveler, Mini Bus with chauffeurs as per the itinerary (Ac not allowed in the hills). With an all India Tourist Permit.
  • - All interstate taxes, permits, parking, road tax, toll taxes, fuel charges, etc are included.
  • - All government applicable taxes and service charges.





  • - Account Paid Package Amount Applicable 5 % Good Service Tax(GST)
  • - Air Fare/Train fare.
  • - Personal Expenses such as Laundry, telephone calls, and tips. Liquor, boating & joy rides.
  • - Any other item not specified in “Cost Includes”.
  • - Additional sightseeing or usage of vehicles are not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • - Monuments Entrance Fees.
  • - Surcharge If Applicable.
  • - Any cost arising due to natural calamities like landslides, road blocks, etc (to be borne by the clients directly on the spot.
  • - Room Heater charges as per the hotel.
  • - Hotels can be customized as per your requirements with cost variation.


Chardham Travel - Terms and Conditions


>> Please read emails carefully and understand the contents and prices. All the email conversations will also be part of your contract with us once you make the booking confirmed.


>> Please take care of the belongings before leaving the car or Hotels. Company is not responsible for any loss.


>> Hotel / camps or any kind of accommodation can deny stay if valid id proof is not provided. Company is not responsible for any ID proof related issues.


>> Many small hotels / resorts do not have lift so kindly inform us in advance if you are not comfortable with stairs.


>> As per the directive given by the Government of India, all Indian/Foreign Nationals are required to provide proper proof of identification upon check-in. Valid identification documents are: Passport & Visa, Voters Id card, Current Driver's License. All the documents must include a photograph.


>> For extra adults, many hotels provide extra beds. Kindly inform us in advance.


>> It is presumed that the tourist is medically fit to undertake the tour. If you have a certain kind of allergy (especially for food) or any serious health issues, kindly inform us in advance.


>> Many hotels charge extra for room heaters or wifi. Normal packages do not include this so in that case these charges should be paid at hotels.


>> Hotel check in time and checkout time as per hotel policy.


>> Due to any reason if Vehicle breakdown due to technical reasons we will try our best to arrange another vehicle as soon as possible for the major problems. For minor problems which will not take much time, vehicles will be repaired. Kindly cooperate.


>> We shall not be responsible for any delays & alterations in the program or expenses incurred directly or indirectly due to natural hazards, flight cancellations, accident, breakdown of transport, weather, sickness, landslides, closures/blockades due to political unrest or any such incidents.


>> AC will not work in all hill areas


>> Driver will not drive on No entry zones and should not be forced to drive on narrow streets or roads which can create traffic jams. Normal working hours of a driver is 12 hrs in case you want services more than 12 hours in a day kindly inform us in advance.


>> In some hill area roads driving after sunset and music is not allowed due to risk of life. Kindly cooperate.


>>Pick up and drop point will be one only.


>> In case you want multiple visits to some particular place, kindly mention it in advance because some places have very high parking charges.


>> Tour destination / route cannot change without prior notice.


>> Sometime vehicle parking area is a little far from the sightseeing spots. Guests need to reach the parking at their own cost.


>> No refund for short stay or unveiled facilities


>> No cancellation or any refund will be made if situation is beyond our control, such as bad weather, landslide, climatic conditions or any other natural disaster, fire, any embargo, acts or decisions of government, political or national crisis, road blocks, heavy snowfall, acts of terrorism or other similar causes Company is not responsible for any accident/injury/death/theft of person or property during the course of the tour.


>> All rights reserved to management to cancel any service without any refund until full advance money towards the service is received from the customer and accepted by the company. Companies can change the features or functionality of the services at any time, without any notice.


Cost: On Request


Payment Gateway Link: Payment Gateway Online card payments


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